Thursday, December 8, 2011

Full length movie for your viewing pleasure

Hey gang,
We are regulars over on the Kordorouy TV site, checking out their often inspiring videos, DIY and stories. Here is a real gift. This video is not just about surfing but about the importance of preservation. Grab a Mocean Mate' and settle in and check it out.

Tipping'>">Tipping Barrels from Sitka on

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are moving this blog!

hey guys,

we appreciate the support and all your "followers" out there but we have grown up(yeah right) and moved it all to a fancy dancy website thingy magingy.
from now on all of our blogging will be through our website at

so come on over and check us out and sign up for an RSS feed so you can stay in the loop and hell, drink more Mate!

this blog will destruct in 3....2......1


the crew

Friday, September 17, 2010

Shoot with Team Shredder Sasha Yakovleff

Went out to some of Sasha's hand built trails he has been constructing for the last year. Here are a few shots from the session we got.


Monday, September 13, 2010

New Spots to Find Your Fuel!!!

Hey all! Now you can find Mocean Mate at a few more spots! Check out Black Cap Coffee Shop in Stowe, VT and Jimmz Pizza in Waterbury, VT.

Black Cap Coffee Shop is Stowe’s new coffee house/ceramic studio/art gallery at School and Main streets. Chris and Heidi Townsend, the owners of the coffee shop, are a hard working pair with a great vision and we are stoked to be working with them!!

Jimmz Pizza is owned by a fellow mountain bike ripper and all around good guy! Not to mention maker of some kick ass pizza! Check out his spot, get some great pizza and wash it down with some Mocean Mate in Waterbury, VT right on Route 100. Then after getting some fuel in ya, head out and rip it up!!

The surf has been surging and we have been soaking it up...whatever fuels you in life, whatever gets you stoked and fired up, go after it, live it and spread that stoke to all those around you!! We at Mocean Mate will be happy to fuel you along the way!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Burlington Tasting at Fresh Market Thursday September 9th

Fresh Market on Pine Street in Burlington will be carrying Mocean Mate for you all starting on Thursday!! We will be there handing out the goods on Thursday the 9th from 12-2pm, so swing by and grab some fuel so you can tear it up the rest of the day, week, month.
We are very happy to have Fresh Market on board as a new retailer as they have a great following and have been in business in Vermont since 1977 but the business has roots that go back 108 years! They are proven and we are stoked and honored they have chosen to carry our product!

Come check out the Fresh Market and get some Mate and let us "Energize Your Adventures"!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get sum today!

Grab a Mocean Mate and get your shred on whether its in the waves at the spots that will remain unnamed(Hurricane Earl on the way), on a bike shredding Burke or Highland or Waterbury or just doing your thing, whatever that may be.

We produce the Energy Tea to "Energize Your Adventures" with the best ingredients in a tasty big re-usable glass bottle with low sugar and almost completely certified organic contents.

We are supporting some killer upcoming events such as the Boot Cancer event in St Albans, the Tour De Valley, and upcoming work at the Essex Jct Bike Park.

Opening new accounts weekly all over the Northeast from surf-inspired places like Las Olas Tacqueria to bike shops like East Burke Sports and I-Ride to health food stores like Buffalo Mtn, Sunflower Natural Foods and others to restaurants like the Blue Moon Cafe, Bee's Knees and Parker Pie to farms like Russell Orchards and everyone in between. we thank you all!

We have signed a new team rider in Will Castle from Derby VT. A great kid with an infectious and positive spirit who shreds bikes, ski's and chainsaws while being creative and musical at the same time. And our original team rider Sasha has been out west and back killing it at events and building trail and coaching kids with a smile on his face. You inspire us all guys!

In a word we are STOKED!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tour De Valley

Mocean Mate is stoked to sponsor another great event...the Tour De Valley!

"The Tour is an annual event in Cambridge, VT called the Tour De Valley. The Tour is organized by the Brewster River Mountain BIke Club (BRMBC), a VMBA chapter. The event is in its 5th year and the event raises money for VMBA and our club trails. We are also raising money to build a wheelchair accessible trail in honor of one of our landowner sons who is looking to get out on some of our trails ! We are calling the project "Jay's Trail" and it will be based out of the Valley Dream Farm!"

Check out their Facebook page at:

And a video from last year's event: